With the term “Creative Research” we want to promote a more explorative and couriousity-driven, community-based approach to creative work and life. We feel that people are heavily resonating with this set of ideas today and it has been taken up by a large group of creatives already. This Manifesto is intended to serve as a point of reference and working material for this community and anyone interested.

Creative Research

– Creative Research seeks to explore aesthetic potential.

– Creative Research is best carried out in connected groups
of common interests, gathering insight through practical
exploration, production, collection and display.

– Creative Research may be speculative and impulsive.

– The communication of achieved results is as important as
the results themselves and may be subject to research with
equal focus.

– Through communication, fields of interest can be explored
collectively and discussion can be leveraged.

– The totality of work produced, tools and channels available
up to any current point in time should serve as our basis and
impulse for further active exploration.